Leo Santana and Liz (Reproduction / Instagram)

The dancer Lore Improta confessed that he had not gotten over the fact that his daughter, Liz, was very similar to the father, the singer Leo Santana. This past Monday (20), the artist vented to fans about the situation.

Through Instagram stories, the former choreographer of Dança dos Famosos shared a series of photos where Leo Santana appears having fun with Liz in his arms. The moment was captured just as they smile for the camera.

“It’s people… I gave birth to my husband, really”, she joked in the sequence of posts.

Lore and Leo are in a very happy mood with the arrival of their little girl, who recently turned eight months old. Last week the couple shared some records of a June party held especially for the little one.

“The best time of year has arrived!! ❤️ And of course we had to have Arraiá da Lilica to celebrate with our family and friends the São João we love so much! 🙏🏻,” posted Lore.

Leo Santana and Liz (Reproduction / Instagram)

Lore reflected on motherhood

Speaking of motherhood, Lore Improta recently shared a long text on her Instagram profile to talk a little about what her life has been like since Liz arrived. The famous said that the responsibility she conquered was important for her to become a more mature woman.

“I received this photo today and I saw myself in a different way in it: a serious, concentrated, focused woman. A more mature, responsible and balanced Lorena. That’s how I see myself today. I am very proud of my trajectory, cycles and, consequently, of the woman I have become”, she began.

“When I got pregnant, there was an anxiety about how everything would be, if I would still have time to produce content, take my work trips, among so many other things that transit between my professional and personal life. I heard a lot that everything would change and it wouldn’t be the same anymore. And it changed… for the better! If I had listened to the negative expectations they wanted me to believe, I certainly wouldn’t be feeling so fulfilled.”

Finally, Lore Improta left a motivational message to her fans and followers:

“Believe in yourself, don’t compare your processes with the processes of others and never underestimate your ability to reinvent yourself, to be multiple. Being unique is what makes us special! Even when we think we can’t handle it, we do. I just have to thank God and @leosantana in particular, for giving me Liz, bringing much more meaning and light to everything I do”, she concluded.

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