Lore Improta is the victim of a criminal act on the internet and worries fans

The dancer Lore Improta28 years old, caused concern in the fans last Wednesday (4), after being the victim of a criminal act on the internet. At the time, the singer’s wife Leo Santana told through his social networks, that he had his hacked youtube channel, deleted videos and the cloned card.

“My two YouTube accounts were hacked. I’m here trying to solve things, I’m going to get my head together, work, because that’s how we live”she started in the Instagram Stories. “I don’t know if we will be able to recover the videos, they deleted all the videos from the channel. I managed to recover the password, but they had already deleted everything”he explained.

In sequence, Lore commented that he also had his credit card cloned by the criminals. and who quickly needed to block their accounts.

“Anyway, gallery. These people who have nothing to do, keep wanting to disrupt the work of the people. They even managed to clone my credit card. They are professionals, see guys”she joked, visibly shaken by the situation.

Despite what happened, the dancer tried to remain calm and not despair. Lore Improta says that today she has more maturity to deal with these situations, but that in the past, it would already be all “disheveled”.

“If it were a while ago I would have been getting my hair done. It’s boring? It is stressful? IT’S. But we will try to resolve it. I don’t know what they did there. What’s sad is that all of Liz’s story was there, all of my pregnancy, my birth, my jobs, my dancing, my YouTube evolution, but God knows all things.”said the famous.

looking for a solution

In conversation with journalist Marina Bonini, from Quem magazine, Lore Improta said her team was looking for a solution to try to recover videos that were deleted by hackers.

“My team is already in contact. We are trying to get the account back and rescue the videos”he said. “My card has been cloned. They must have gotten the pegged data. I was on the plane and they were shopping on my card. There’s chaos in your head!” reported Liz’s mother.

On Twitter, fans of Lore Improta noticed that the hackers were using the dancer’s channel to make lives about cryptocurrencies.

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