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Ezra Miller has been in the eye of the storm for a number of aggressive behaviors that have led him to be arrest, detain and receive complaints by several people. Now, the interpreter would be worrying everyone about his state of mind.

Your worrying mood swings

The Business Insider medium detailed a string of erratic and risky behaviors by Ezra Miller. In the lengthy article, he describes his personalitydefining him as a person kind and smart who captivates others when he speaks.

Yet this would all go away as soon as something happens that she doesn’t like. “(Miller went from) being a friendly host to be a really angry person”, a source told the outlet.

Even his mood swings they would have scared some of the people who shared in a Airbnb you leased in Iceland in 2020. In fact, a strange environment and dynamic with drugs gave rise to suspicions that there could be been leading a cult.

No one was allowed to disagree with her”, Said a woman who participated in the meetings of that place and had an affair with Ezra Miller. “His reality painted the reality of everyone else. There was no room for anyone else’s opinion or feelings.”

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Emotional abuse and carrying of weapons and bulletproof vest by Ezra Miller

Another 18-year-old woman, who would have had consensual sex with the interpreter, he announced the emotional abuse suffered during their time together. Even this was described as a kind of savior and obsessed with her reproductive capabilities.

“It was only six days, but honestly felt like much, much more”, declared the woman. “I remember feeling, like; ‘wow, I don’t know how I’m going to recover from this’”.

On the other hand, they confirmed the abusive relationship he had with Tokata Iron Eyes, an 18-year-old girl the movie star met when she was still a minor (details here).

Meanwhile, the mediumwho spoke with a total of 14 people, confirmed that Ezra Miller had “terrifying emotional outbursts, carried firearms or left them feeling unsafe.”

“For the past six months, the actor has been driving around the United States carrying at least one weapon and wearing a bulletproof vestparanoid about being followed by him FBI and the Ku Klux Klan (…) He has lost contact with reality”, they also added based on their sources.

And it is that despite the fact that Warner Bros announced this week that the film Flash (which she stars in) will be released yes or yes, neither production nor his own family I would be helping you.

A person close to Ezra Miller’s family had this to say. I think Ezra has been enabled because of his fame, his wealth, its income potential, its whiteness and its beauty”. And he added that “it’s really hard to intervene when someone has as many resources as Ezra. when you’re famous people are less likely to say ‘no’ to you. I think those things can be really dangerous.”


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