Louis Bertignac: hard drugs, Carla Bruni surgery… Confidences without taboo

In the columns of your magazine Télé Star to be found on newsstands from Monday May 2, 2022, Louis Bertignac confides without taboo. Hard drugs, surgery, love… He says it all!

As he publishes his autobiography titled nice little story published by Cherche midi, the former member of the Telephone group also confides in your next Télé Star issue to appear on newsstands on Monday May 2, 2022. First of all, Louis Bertignac reveals that it was Guy Carlier who convinced him to write a book when he wanted to wait a bit. Once launched in the project, he wanted to address different aspects of his private life such as drugs, surgery and of course his love stories. “A lot of people who gravitate around rock get high. I was afraid of looking like a fool to refuse and I took it. The only thing I liked was the hero. I don’t I was not like the others, a small dose was enough for me. It calmed me down. Today, I am naturally. That’s why I stopped” he explains first.

Louis Bertignac: his confessions on his private blow

Louis Bertignac, who has known the scene for a long time, also talks about the tensions he experienced within the Telephone group, in particular with Corine, the bassist, his ex-girlfriend, and Jean-Louis Aubert. “She did not accept that he was not the same guy in life and on stage. I thought it was great” says the guitarist. On the heart side, he went through a storm with the mother of his two daughters but fortunately that Carla Bruniwith whom he had a relationship, was present at his side. “I was at the bottom of the hole. She and Nicolas Sarkozy were really nice” he concludes. Shortly after, he also met the mother of his son Jack. An interview to be found in full in your magazine Télé Star on newsstands and in digital version this Monday, May 2.


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