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Cold and plants are not always compatible. And it is that the arrival of the cold not only affects people but also the environment in general. And that is why at the time of its care certain considerations must be taken.

How to take care of plants during the winter?

While summer care consists of watering, fertilizing and transplanting. Caring for plants in winter is different. And it is that with fewer hours of light and colder temperatures, plants undergo changes in their structure both internally and in their external appearance.

That is why at R&P we invite you to take some precautions to take care of both your garden and indoor plants.

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1.- Place the pots in appropriate places

Placing planters near walls between bushes will help protect your plants. To avoid direct contact between the humidity of the soil and the pot, you can put the plants on a wooden board.

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2.- Change the place plants

A good winter initiative, in the case of indoor plants, is to move them much closer to the windows. Because indoor plants need more light in winter. A good option is also to take them outside. However, it is not recommended to change them constantly as they could become stressed.

3.- Decrease irrigation progressively

So that the plants begin to acclimatize with the cold, it is necessary to reduce the irrigation. That is why you should only water what is necessary to avoid excess water that causes the plants to rot.

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4.- Clean your plants constantly

To avoid the proliferation of fungi in the plants, it is necessary to clean the dead leaves and flowers. If your plants suffer from fungus, we recommend applying a small amount of cinnamon powder or baking soda to the surface of the soil. Since cinnamon is a natural fungicide and easy to obtain otherwise.

In the case of outdoor plants, it is necessary to prune dry or dead branches, because the metabolism of plants usually decreases in winter and they lose less sap.

5.- Transplant your plants

winter is a good epoch to change that plant that its pot is already too small. It is recommended to move it to a larger pot or divide it in two.

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6.- The most delicate and sensitive plants need special care

Use greenhouses to protect those plants that are a bit more complex to care for. But as long as you have enough space. You can use structures that are not invasive in your home to protect your plants, such as greenhouses with recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

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