Love for language on thunderous EP Froukje

Froukje does not grant her audience a full album yet; delirious is the 20-year-old singer’s second EP. But EPs can also be compared. It turns out that within a year Froukje has become more special and idiosyncratic in all sorts of ways. She sings louder – although there is still the beautiful hint of fragility.

The electronic music, supplemented by acoustic drum and guitar, sometimes blossoms to a climax or gently slumbers. Sometimes the accompaniment sounds a bit chunky, but that fits with the straightforward poetry in the lyrics. They tell about the life of a 20-year-old and surprisingly reflect reality. ‘It’s dark for August’, ‘Before I become one with the two of us’, or ‘I want to wash my hands in her innocence’. Froukje does it without coquetry, and it is precisely this nonchalance that makes her finds all the more attractive. All six new songs express a love for language and musical exploration. With a resounding result.

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