Luana Piovani opens the game, reveals secret and confesses reason

The actress Luana Piovani used her social media and revealed the secret to being so sure of herself. Known for always being a well-resolved and determined woman, the artist shared a text on her Instagram and confessed the reason for so much self-confidence.

“People ask me a lot how to have my courage or even how to be as safe as I am. There! If I were to give the ‘recipe for my cake’ this would be it. Now go there and make your cake! Has courage? Jokes aside, it works, see? This post is all me! Post stolen from Simone Stanisck,” she said in the caption.



“Happy are the authentic ones… Those who speak what they feel. Who live in the now. Who laugh at their own setbacks. Happy are those who have courage… Those who are intense, those who love, those who vibrate for the happiness of others”, she began.

“Happy are those who start over. Those who give up, those who persist. Those who have the attitude to move everything around. Happy, above all, those with a good heart. For these bring good energy to the world. And change people’s lives“, she said.

Check out Luana Piovani’s post on social media:

Revealed that he will return to the soap operas

Not long ago, Luana Piovani said on her social networks that she would be returning to acting in soap operas. Without going into too much detail about the plot, the actress said that she is very happy to be able to return to a new job.

“I was seeing Mary Sheila…and she was doing a story saying ‘guys, I have news to tell you, I’m so happy’, I wish I had done the same. Well, I’m coming here to tell you that I’m going to do a soap opera… I’m so happy”, she said.

A day later, Luana Piovani returned to the web and said that the soap opera will take place in Portugal, the country where the actress has lived for a few years: “I came here to do a little continuation of yesterday’s stories. The soap opera is not in Brazil, people. The soap opera is here in Portugal. How was I going to be able to make a soap opera in Brazil? That takes nine, ten months, slash eleven,” she said.

Head lice infestation in your home

Recently, Luana Piovani made an outburst after suffering a perrengue at her home. At the time, Luana said that she had to change all the bedding in her house due to an infestation of lice.

“I ran to the clinic, I’m practically a partner. As I had commented I was scratching my head. He took lice off Dom and mine too. That’s cool, I think it’s cool to catch lice at 45. Jesus Christ, save me,” she vented.

“The business is so sinister, I changed the bedding. I threw hot water on everything that brush, I threw everything that was beanie, cap”, she revealed.

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