Ludmilla denies indirect during the show and shoots: "It's crazy"

This Tuesday (22), the singer Ludmilla had to go to social networks to vent about the speech he gave during one of his shows. It is worth remembering that the artist won her first Latin Grammy with the album Numonice #2.

It turns out that the famous was surprised during a show she did in Rio de Janeiro, last Sunday (20), which generated a speech made by her, to thank the surprises she received.



However, people interpreted the speech as an indirect for the singer Anita🇧🇷 🇧🇷The internet is very crazy, you say A they understand B, come on: I was doing a show and suddenly my ballet comes in and surprises me with a party on the stage, with a personalized shirt with the picture of the Grammy, cup, cake It was beautiful, I got emotional.” she began on Twitter.

🇧🇷I gave a speech because on the way to the show I was remembering the take off that died out of nowhere (these things move me a lot) and in an interview before the event he says he wants to receive flowers in life. Because usually people wait for the others to leave to give value”, further explained.

“When I won the Grammy, I saw a lot of people fighting on the internet like it made no sense, so I was going to write that life is too short, for us to enjoy our artists, enjoy life, chase our dreams, stop leaving things for tomorrow, but there was no time, I had to go on stage”, she said on the social network.

Ludmilla dispels rumors

Still in the publication, the famous continued to explain what actually happened.

🇧🇷Then they came in and I ended up talking right there, then they took the video and played it on the internet and they are tagging me and creating a thousand theories, in short: stop the fire in the ass on the internet, be positive, your future is being created by what you are doing now. If at the beginning you weren’t doing anything in life, the end will be the same. In the beginning, faith ended, dispelling rumors of indirect.

Fans of Rio de Janeiro supported the singer’s publication, while Anitta’s fans continued to support the rumors.

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“Nobody wants you. STAY AWAY FROM THE BIGGEST IN BRAZIL and You will learn Spanish which is better”, said a hater, in the singer’s post.

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