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MAFS: Clara Berghaus rocks colorful bikini hanging poolside with Virginia Coombs

Clara Berghaus
Clara Berghaus
MAFS stars Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs spend the day by the pool. Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

Clara Berghaus and Virginia Coombs continue to display their friendship and bikini bods. 

Recently the MAFS besties did just that as they enjoyed a day by the pool. 

Virginia and Clara were all smiles while wearing contrasting bikinis. 

Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus pose by the pool 

Clara Berghaus took to her Instagram stories to share photos from her summer day with Virginia Coombs.

In one photo, Clara and Virginia laugh and smile by the pool. 

Virginia wore a black bikini and held a pair of sunglasses in her hand. 

Clara’s bikini featured splashes of color, including blues, oranges, and pinks. She completed the look with darkly tinted sunglasses and her blonde tresses in a top bun. 

Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

In another photo on Clara’s Instagram stories, she gave followers a better view of her toned body and Virginia’s backside. 

In the image, Clara stood up to take the photo, and her tanned and toned body was visible in her colorful and stringy two-piece swimwear. 

Virginia smiled behind Clara as she dipped her legs in the pool with her sunglasses and a casual ponytail. 

Clara wrote “Pool Day” over the photo. 

Pic credit: @claraberghaus/Instagram

What happened to Virginia Coombs and Clara Berghaus after Married at First Sight? 

Virginia and Clara had hopes of finding long-lasting marriages on MAFS Season 12. 

Despite both saying yes to their MAFS spouses, Clara and Virginia ended up getting divorced away from the cameras and seemingly had messy falling outs with their MAFS husbands. 

Virginia and her ex Erik Lake documented the end of their marriage on Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam and went their separate ways with some heated social media exchanges. 

Clara and her ex Ryan Oubre were fairly quiet about their divorce until both decided to go public and expose what they believed led to their marriage’s downfall. 

Ryan wrote a lengthy Instagram post accusing Clara of not being equipped or interested in understanding him as a Black man. Virginia Coombs stepped in to clap back at Ryan and defend Clara. Meanwhile, Clara went on a MAFS special and suggested their marriage deteriorated after Ryan lost trust in her when seeing how explicitly she talked about their sex life on the show. 

Clara and Virginia now appear to be single and spend lots of time together, with both ready and willing to defend one another against any online criticism. 

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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