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Maíra Cardi breaks silence and talks about alleged crisis with Arthur Aguiar

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Maira Cardi and Arthur Aguiar form one of the most talked about couples of the year. They have already been involved in several controversies, but have been more discreet in recent months. In the midst of the “disappearance”, many rumors in the media talk about a bad moment lived in the marriage.

In a conversation with columnist Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles portal, the influencer ensures that the heavy messages she receives do not affect her life. She even remembers the pressure experienced while Arthur was confined to BBB 22, which he won in April.



“You asked me one day how I put up with so much hate on top of me. I don’t know how I figured it out. I did it out of love. When he left, I really fell, I was very exhausted. And I said: ‘I don’t want this for myself, I don’t want this bad energy for me and my daughter.‘. I will come back, but I will come back different,” she said.

“Let it be said that he has a lover”

At another point, Maíra Cardi explained that the fact of keeping herself further from the spotlight increases speculation about her personal life.

“People say, they make it up, there are people who say that I am pregnant, others that I have separated… It has everything and it will always have it, but this time I decided not to keep talking, not to give satisfaction“, he explained.

“I decided to live my most intimate life and bring relevant points to society, things that really add to people. Things in my life that can be futile gossip, which in the end will end up bringing me a hater, for what?!” he asked.

She ended up citing rumors that she is being cheated on. “I’m more mature. So let’s talk! Let it say that I’m pregnant, let it say that I separated, let it say that Arthur has a lover“, he finished.

Change of country

The same Leo Dias revealed that people close to Maíra Cardi and Arthur Aguiar stated that they are thinking about moving to California, in the United States. Taking a trip around the place, the influencer ended up confirming the news.

“I was very happy here, I love the simple life here. I always wanted to go back, but I couldn’t because Sophia was small and he had his life tied up in Brazil. I’m so grateful for everything I have, but today I live in a bubble. I’ve almost been kidnapped twice, I can’t enjoy the simplest things like going to the beach with my daughter without being afraid,” she said.

Finally, she was excited to be back. “Lucas was raised here, studied at a public school and used to skate to school. Now God willing I’ll come back, because he has nothing to tie him there anymore“, he finished.

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