Maluma has not sung at the opening of the Soccer World Cup

Neither Maluma, nor nicky minajneither black Eyed Peas have performed at the opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cupas it was contemplated.

Maluma had gotten up in the middle of an interview for an Israeli television station.

The Colombian caused a stir with his words about the violation of human rights in Qatar.

“It’s not something I have to get involved in,” he said.

On Saturday, Maluma did perform at the opening of the ‘FIFA Fan Festival’ in Doha. There she performed the first hymn of the party, ‘Tukoh Taka’.

Maluma in Doha in a collateral activity of the Soccer World Cup. (External source)

The opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup at the Al Bayt stadium became a trace of Qatar’s history and a review of previous World Cups.

Opening ceremony of the Soccer World Cup

The opening act barely lasted 30 minutes and the confirmed artists: Maluma, Nicky Minaj and Black Eyed Peas, among others, have been conspicuous by their absence.

This has surprised many people who were witnessing the ceremony and millions of viewers around the world.

Only the Korean band ‘BTS’ has performed at this opening ceremony in Qatar.

One of the big surprises has been the presence, on several occasions, of the great actor Morgan Freeman.

Morgan Freeman gave a speech based on unity.

“What unites us is greater than what divides us. We are one big tribe and the Earth is our store,” she said.

“Together we can make the call for all of us to unite,” said the actor at the opening of the Soccer World Cup.

“This is a call to the entire world. Soccer unites people and nations. There is a common thread of hope and respect,” she said.

“Soccer expands the world, unites nations in their love for this precious game,” he said.

“What makes nations come together makes communities come together,” insisted the African-American actor.

“We all have a football history, and Qatar too,” he said.

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