Manu Gavassi is surprised by an unforeseen event in Italy

Getting ready to debut a new tour, Manu Gavassi posted photos taken in three by four, and said she was surprised in Italy when her passport was stolen in the country. When talking about it, she clarified to fans that she was already back in Brazil.

“Only those who have had their passport stolen in the middle of a trip outside the country understand my face in this Italian three for four. A mixture of scared and ‘I’m going to cry at any moment, don’t make any sudden movements’. Ps: it’s all resolved and I’m back in São Paulo, it’s just a TBT. Laughter,” she argued.


In recent months, Manu Gavassi released the song Gracinha, which she made for her younger sister, named Catarina. When talking about it, the artist commented that she wrote the song when she was alone in the house, and realized that it was a gift for her beloved.

“In January of that year I was alone at home humming a melody on the guitar when out of nowhere a whole song came to me. It started with ‘Catarina’ and from then on I understood that it was a gift for the coolest gift I’ve ever gotten in my life: my sister. I sent her a recording, from my cell phone, as a birthday present on January 23rd. I had no intention of releasing it because it was not part of what I thought was expected in my career at the moment”, began the ex-BBB, who went on.

“But I was so happy to have written it and she was so thrilled to hear it… And that’s when I realized I was boycotting myself. Music is music. Art is art. Feeling is feeling. There is no category in art where this does not fit. When did I lose so much of myself? I don’t know. I just know that I always find my way back in you, Catarina. I love you. And now in addition to her, you can listen to “Catarina” on all digital platforms. Love, Manu”, she blurted out.

got mad

Recently, Manu showed irritation to fans shortly after Lina was eliminated from BBB 2022. She also confessed that she was not excited about editing the show.

“I stopped following this bbb and apparently I did it right because if Lina left, what would I be watching? My champion! You are an icon for this program and you have a lot to harvest and to show with your light, intelligence, class and talent! Just to record my affection and admiration,” she admitted.

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