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Manuel Jimenez,
Mayor of Santo Domingo East.-
Garbage has been the Achilles heel of its management. Again piles of waste have been reported in district 3, which has been attributed to difficulties in the Duquesa landfill. What is not understood is that it is only the trucks of his municipality that face the difficulties in Greater Santo Domingo.

Rochy RD

Ardely Ramirez (Rochy RD),
Urban singer.-
The days he spent in prison for alleged sexual abuse are for him to learn his lesson. Just in case, he must always remember that power and fame are not above the law. Now that prison has been changed for parole, he would do well to reflect, even if it is to get away from temptations.

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daniel baran

Daniel Beran,
Ambassador Israel.-
If a nation as supportive and prosperous as yours acknowledges a historic debt to this country, Dominicans feel more than grateful. This was the first destination that in 1938 opened the doors to the Jewish immigration that settled in Sosúa. The contributions of these Jews are also a debt to them.

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