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The soap opera sertao sea, from TV Globo, enters another week and reserves many emotions for viewers. Check out the summary of the plot from the 21st to the 26th of November.

candoca makes request to talk leave your home. Maruan seat the requirements of sazhym and states that he will leave town. candoca presses José about blackmail carried out in talk🇧🇷 José is understood with candoca after would be talk.

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marcio and Deodora plan to destroy José and talk ask them to release candoca🇧🇷 Timbo blackmail in Latifa. candoca finds out he can’t marry José at church. talk try to convince Latifa on gold bar received from Evening🇧🇷 labibe is asked to marry Maruan🇧🇷 Tetulinho and Laura plot to destroy José🇧🇷

Check out the summary from the 21st to the 26th of November:

Chapter 79

Candoca confesses to Lorena that he fears that José is no longer the man he knew in his youth. Sabá Bodó tells Nivalda about his sadness at being mistreated by everyone in the city. Deodora encourages Tertulinho to forget about Candoca and get closer to Laura. José confronts Tertulinho about the promissory notes. He is suspicious of the closeness between Laura and Deodora. Vespertino confesses to Deodora that he gave Tertulinho’s promissory notes to José. Timbó discovers that the bracelet he got from Latifa is fake. Candoca questions why José has Tertulinho’s notes.

Chapter 80

Tertulinho arrives to talk to José, and Candoca gets irritated with their argument. Tertulinho delivers the signed Candoca divorce to José, in exchange for his promissory notes. Tereza comforts Timbó, who is suffering from being deceived by Latifa. Candoca suspects the Colonel’s state, and Deodora notices. José and Candoca celebrate her divorce. Laura deduces that Tertulinho still loves Candoca. Timbó scolds Mirinho’s attitudes, and the two argue. Zahym demands that Maruan leave Canta Pedra. Deodora catches Pajeú next to the Colonel. Tertulinho tells Candoca that José threatened him.

Chapter 81

Candoca asks Tertulinho to leave her house, but is touched by what she hears about José. Jessilaine decides to leave the family home. Maruan accepts Sazhym’s demand and says he will leave the city. Pajeú tries to approach Deodora. Timbó confronts Latifa and ends up getting his job back with Zahym. Xaviera prepares Firmino to conquer Lorena. Ismenia and Cato distrust Deodora. Ismênia confiscates the medicine that Deodora gives to the Colonel. Laura welcomes Márcio Castro and explains her plan against José. Candoca questions José about his blackmailing Tertulinho.

Chapter 82

José explains his intentions to Candoca, and the two understand each other. Laura, Márcio and Deodora start their plans to destroy José, and Tertulinho demands that Candoca not be harmed. Labibe asks Maruan to stay in Canta Pedra, and the two kiss. Ismênia discards the medicine that Deodora secretly administers to the Colonel, and replaces it with olive oil. Timbó blackmails Latifa and forces her to do her job. Candoca discovers that she will not be able to get married in church with José. Márcio realizes that Laura is in love with Tertulinho. Vespertino gives Tertulinho a gift. José meets Márcio.

Chapter 83

José asks Márcio to release Vespertino from prison. Márcio asks Cira for a favor. Candoca disguises her discomfort with José’s obsession with Tertulinho. Cira insinuates herself to Márcio. To please Lorena, Dagmar agrees to celebrate the wedding of Candoca and José in her church. Tertulinho negotiates with Latifa the gold bar he won from Vespertino. Deodora administers more medicine to the Colonel, not knowing that Ismênia has altered the bottle. Jessilaine decides to help Xaviera. Márcio makes fun of Firmino. The Colonel awakens, and Cato prevents Deodora from finding out. Maruan asks Labibe to marry him. Laura tells Tertulinho that she spoke with Sheik Omar.

Chapter 84

Laura and Tertulinho combine their plan to destroy José. Zahym accepts Maruan and Labibe’s marriage. Maruan tells José that she fears her father Omar’s reaction to her marriage. Ismênia reveals to the Colonel that Deodora was doping him. Deodora rebels against Eudoro Cidão’s report. Sabá Bodó humiliates the Colonel, not realizing that he is awake. Quintilha employs Xaviera, and Márcio falls in love with the girl. José is removed from the presidency of the company, and Laura and Tertulinho celebrate. Joel and Catão try to close Eudoro’s newspaper, and Firmino defends him. Candoca threatens to call the police to arrest Joel and Catão.

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