Maraisa (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

The singer Maraisaduo of Maiarawowed followers in his Instagram by sharing records of a relaxed moment in the bathtub of his mansion. On the occasion, the artist published photos in which appears drinking beer, wearing an attractive and stylish garment.

In the images, Maraisa appears holding the cup while enjoying the moment of leisure. Powerful, she drew attention with her fit frame and defined abs. Although the clicks were shared on the Instagram Stories from the sertaneja, some fan pages reposted the publications, receiving lots of compliments and loving messages.

“What a woman, she’s getting more and more beautiful and healed every day”said a follower. “You rock too much Maraisa”highlighted a fan. “What a wonderful body, it’s beautiful”, praised a netizen. “A true spectacle” declared another admirer. “Perfection has a name and is called Maraisa”said another boy.

Maraisa (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)
Maraisa (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Maraisa’s love life

Despite the fame, Maraisa’s love life is a little hectic. In conversation with journalist Léo Dias, the singer revealed that she has been completely dry for at least a year. Nonetheless, she reinforces that she is not worried about it, since her priority is her music career.

“I’m really slow. I think dating gets in the way of my creative process. Then I’m at home and the guy goes and says: ‘Let’s have dinner’. When at that moment I just wanted to be there listening to the music, receiving a composer, it bothers me. When I finished, I did it because I was taking up too much time, it was a while before Patroas”commented.

In sequence, Maraisa said she has gone three years without sex. “I was about 24 years old, I was composing. I didn’t want it to come back, but it happened again. Marília spent the whole day criticizing me: ‘This way you’re living is not right’ (…) She would talk, but at the same time she loved it, because she would go home whenever she wanted, call me whenever she wanted”he admitted.

And speaking of Marília Mendonça, the loss of the singer left a void in Maraisa’s life., who has always been one of her best friends. The night before the tragedy, including, she reveals that she sent a message to the eternal Queen of Sorrow.

“I woke up out of nowhere and felt like texting her, at dawn, I said I loved her very much. I had already said that I loved her several times, we were on stage and I said ‘I love you’. But that day I felt the need like ‘I need to tell her I love her’ and I did.”recalled Maraisa, during one of her concerts.

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