Maraisa shows off her healed body when she appears with a very tight look

The singer Maraisasister of Maiara, stole the show on social media with a new post. On her official Instagram account, she shared some clicks of her posing in a lilac leather ensemble. The lok left the countrywoman’s body in evidence and drew attention.

In the short caption of the publication, she joked with fans, as usual. “All wrapped up for you guys,” she wrote, which quickly garnered more than 120,000 likes. In the comments box, friends and admirers reacted. “Wonderful,” said the singer. Mari Fernandez. “Our princess,” said another.

See the singer’s post on social media:

New tribute to Marília Mendonça

It is worth remembering that recently Maraisa paid another tribute to her friend, Marília Mendonça, who died in November last year. In May, Maiara’s sister shared the backstage of a photo shoot starring the bosses and showed nostalgia for what they experienced.

Miss those moments. Good thing we’ve lived through these intense things lately. Sometimes I think I’ll never have that with anyone else in this life. We took these photos at home, and every little piece of the house reminded us of this work. From time to time, I look at our images of these moments on my cell phone, of our happy moments, I receive videos of concerts”, said the famous.

In another passage, she explains at what time of day she misses Marília the most. “Especially at dawn, which is when my head is boiling. Having lived these last few days intensely with you in a way comforts me, very proud to have been your companion, my sister.”, he concluded.

Murilo Huff

A few weeks earlier, Maraisa published a photo in which she appears next to Maiara and the singer Murilo Huff. On the occasion, she left a series of praise for the famous and paid tribute to him.

I had the opportunity to meet Murilo the composer, Murilo the singer, Murilo boyfriend, father, friend… And in all of them I can say you are the most complete person I’ve ever met! I will never stop praising you for being so straight forward and always praising your qualities!” he wrote.

Afterwards, she mentioned Marília Mendonça. ““I know how much you loved Marília for what she was off stage, away from the spotlight… Marília ‘person’! You liked her in the simplest way possible and I value that very much. And she was always telling me about her talent and she wasn’t lying, ”said the famous.

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