The wolf of Wall Street

2022 has become one of the most important years in M’s careerRobbie slang. The actress points to all the awards with Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s new film (La La Land), in which he gives one of his performances more chaotic and full of euphoria.

In fact, many say it will be even more controversial than his role in The wolf of Wall Street, film with which many met Margot Robbie. Recently, the actress referred to a controversial scene in the film, which He continues to care for it to this day.

What did Margot Robbie say about The Wolf of Wall Street?

In 2013, the world was amazed with Margot Robbie after the premiere of The wolf of Wall Street, in what was a breakthrough role for the actress. For the Martin Scorsese film, the Oscar nominee played Naomi Lapaglia and had some scenes quite revealing and risqué.

Especially, her first scene, in which she appears naked, only in her stockings and heels. In a new interview, Robbie revealed that this scene was quite difficult to film and he needed special help to to calm your nerves.

The wolf of Wall Street

“I’m not going to lie, I had a couple shots of tequila before filming that scene, because I was nervous, very, very nervous.”confessed Margot Robbie about her scene in The wolf of Wall Street. However, he confesses that, at that moment, he thought it would not be so important.

“I know it sounds silly now, knowing how popular the movie became. But at that moment I thought, ‘nobody’s going to notice me in this film.’ It doesn’t matter what I do, because everyone will focus on Leonardo DiCaprio“, shared the actress.

The wolf of Wall Street seems to be harmless before the new Margot Robbie movie, Babylon. And that in this film, about the dark side of the Golden Age of Hollywood, The excesses of the industry will be shown, with a trailer that gave us a preview of the cocaine-filled trip that will be the story.

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