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To have confidence in your work does not stop trying as one difficult task, even for extremely talented people, What Margot Robbie.

Australian actress from 32 years received a tribute from British Academy of Cinematographyby goals you have achieved throughout his career. The tribute revisited the plays in what margot robbie has participated, including one of the movies that As the actress confessed, allowed him to trust the quality of his work.

What was the movie that gave Margot Robbie confidence?

“‘I, Tonya’ was the first time I saw a movie and said ‘OK, I’m a good actress'”Robbie told the audience. this was the fact which finally gave him the confidence to pursue other projects.


Margot Robbie comments that, after seeing the final result of the production of 2017, felt it was “good enough” for “be ready to contact my idols”.

As detailed The Hollywood Reporter, that’s how he contacted Quentin Tarantino, without knowing what the famous director was making preparations to record his most recent production. According to the actress, working with the director of “Pulp Fiction” it was an item on the list of things I wanted to do.

And the contact with the filmmaker was fruitful, because in the end, Robby became the only option of tarantino for the role of Sharon Tate.

life imitates art

About the film, Robbie He confessed that he imitated one of the scenes from the filmin what Tate go to cinema to watch his own movie. The actress went to same cinema where they recorded the sequence, let’s see “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.

“I just went there and watched the movie on a random Tuesday afternoon and sat in about the same hundred,” The actress recalled the moment. “I had almost the same experience [que Tate en ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’]even down to the fact that the person I bought the ticket from was like ‘but you’re in the movie’, and I was like ‘I know'”.

The Hollywood Reporter recounted that the salesperson who served Robbie even asked him to take a picture with her. The actress recalled: “I was like, ‘We’re practically doing the same scene from the film’!”.

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