Mari Gonzalez comes up with a crochet piece and attracts looks

With many followers on social media, Mari Gonzalez knows exactly how to get each one’s attention. On the morning of this Tuesday (14), she became subject by sharing clicks with a very tight crochet piece, which highlighted her beauty even more.

In the photos, taken in Ceará, the friend of Bianca Andrade has a powerful and thought-provoking look. As expected, admirers surrounded the post with good comments.

“She is the most beautiful woman inside my heart”, declared a follower. “It seems like a joke for the person to be so cute,” joked the second. “Wow, spectacle,” declared the last one.


For those who don’t remember Mari Gonzalez at the beginning of her career, the famous acted as panicat in the extinct Panic on TV and, at the time, boasted a bulkier body. in conversation at Vogue Brasil, she revealed details of the changes in her physique.

“When I arrived in São Paulo, I did a lot of weight training, I had a bigger leg and a bigger butt… At that time I worked at Pânico. After a little while I decided I wanted to dry off. Then I changed my training style, I started doing more aerobics and less weight training. It was then that I managed to reach my goal. I did it not because I didn’t like my body, that wasn’t my feeling. I did it because I wanted to change and so I went in search of my goal,” he said.

In the conversation, the companion of Jonas Sulzbach said he doesn’t follow any ‘intense’ diet to dry the belly and keep the body straight.

“No, I don’t usually go on crazy diets. I do everything with a lot of balance, you know? I try, most of the time, to diet, but I also allow myself to eat whatever I feel like. I joke that balance is my motto, I like it. Eating healthy, sometimes eating a little junk, a salad, a drink. I take that to everything in life.”


Speaking of Mari, she recently bought a huge house next door to Jonas. On Instagram, the beauty published photos of the place and said that she will build everything the way they both always dreamed of.

“We were looking forward to sharing this new phase with you, those who have been following us for a while know how special this moment is for us! We are going to build our house, in our own way, detail by detail, we can already imagine how it will look and we are very happy and excited to build our family home (since I was little I dreamed of this house with a pool [risos]) We can’t wait to welcome you friends, do you want to follow everything around here?”, he revealed.

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