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Maria Bruaca and Quim may not know each other in Pantanal, but in real life they are from the same family. Both actors are sons of singer-songwriter Renato Teixeira, who will also make an appearance in the feuilleton in the coming weeks.

Maria Bruaca de Pantanal is whose daughter?

Maria Bruaca, played by Isabel Teixeira, is the daughter of Renato Teixeira. Her brother, Chico, who was also in the first phase of the feuilleton as Quim, one of José Leôncio’s pawns.

Isabel’s character is one of the most striking in the novel. Married to Tenório (Murilo Benício), she is constantly humiliated by her husband. Soon, she will discover that the crook keeps a mistress and three children in São Paulo. It will be from there that she starts a romance with Alcides (Juliano Cazarré).

Quim, played by his brother Chico Teixeira, was only in the first phase of the plot. He is one of José Leôncio’s most trusted pawns, alongside Tião (Fábio Neppo). The two were assigned by the boss to take care of another farm he owned in Minas Gerais and stayed there.

Soon, José Leôncio will receive the news that Tião has died. After his friend’s death, Quim goes back to the boss’s farm to say goodbye. Heartbroken by the death of his best friend, the pawn will also pass away.

Zé Leôncio will ask his other peons to make a viola circle in honor of his departed great friends.

Renato Teixeira participates in Pantanal

Renato Teixeira himself will make a special appearance in the soap opera. After Tião’s death, the character will appear on José Leôncio’s farm. Who will play the character now that he is older will be the father of Chico and Isabel.

Quim will appear playing his villain alone, missing the brother that life has given him. He will not bear the death of his friend and he will also die. “I was taken aback by this invitation to make Quim the eldest. I’ve always been very involved with soap opera themes, with soundtracks, I’ve even written a soap opera with Jayme Monjardim, I’ve participated in two films, but without text”, said the singer in an interview with Folha de S.Paulo.

“It was a unique moment. Participating in this soap opera that has my son, Chico Teixeira, my compadre Almir and my daughter, Isabel Teixeira, is an immense joy. I feel rewarded,” she concluded.

Renato Teixeira plays the oldest Quim in Pantanal – Photo: Publicity/Pantanal

Father and son in the novel

Renato, Chico and Isabel are not the only father and children in Pantanal. The plot also features Almir Sater and Gabriel Sater, in the roles of Eugênio and Xeréu Trindade.

Gabriel Sater plays the same character as his father Eugênio in the original version of Pantanal, shown by the extinct TV Manchete. In fact, the two have even acted together in the feuilleton during a guitar duel in the music circles organized on José Leôncio’s farm.

Pantanal airs from Monday to Saturday at 9:30 pm Brasília time on Globo. The episodes are available on Globoplay after being shown on TV.

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