Maria Lina before breast surgery

The comedian’s ex-fiancée Whindersson Nunes🇧🇷 Maria Linadecided to share her before and after plastic surgery with her Instagram followers.

She, who already had prostheses, said she only removed the excess skin she gained from weight loss after pregnancy.



🇧🇷My chest was so heavy. You have no idea. Other than that I didn’t like the clothes, nothing was good and there were a lot of stretch marks as you can see“, he said, on the networks.

She then stated that the saggy appearance of her breasts bothered her. 🇧🇷There was too much skin. In the process of losing weight, her chest was the first thing she began to dry out. Then, as he ran out of fat, he fell“, he explained.

THE influencer she also had liposuction on her flanks and relocated the fat to her buttocks.

Maria Lina before breast surgery (Reproduction/Instagram)
Maria Lina after breast surgery

mother’s illness

Last month, Maria moved netizens by venting about breast cancer that her mother had.

“The phase was difficult and she went through it with this smile on her face. I always talk a lot about self-care around here, and we need to worry not only about our aesthetics (skin, hair, etc) but mainly about our health. Routine exams are extremely necessary, your information can help save lives! My mother is an example of overcoming challenges and the importance of early diagnosis, and just like her, thousands of other women have won and still win every day.”he said at the time.

“The sooner the diagnosis is made, the sooner the treatment begins, and the more chances of cure and a successful outcome. It is possible to be happy and continue your life with those you love the most, TAKE CARE and stay strong. Mom, you are my BIGGEST example of overcoming. When they say I’m strong, I say I don’t reach your feet. Pink October – Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Month”, he also spoke, making Internet users aware.

Maria Lina sends a message

In time, the ex-fiancée of Whindersson Nunes sent a message to haters, after being accused again of giving the comedian a pregnancy scam.

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“And for you who [acham que] everything is biscuit, go see if I’m around the corner. I post a lot of things here, I’m a partner in a franchise, I do my little things on Instagram, I have a really nice relationship with my followers, I’m always with my family and friends, thank God I’m a very dedicated person to those I love” , shot, in Instagram Stories.

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