Mariana Rios dispenses with the use of underwear in a powerful essay

Mariana Riosnew reality show host Record Islandraised the temperature on social media by sharing photos from a powerful shoot on his Instagram. In black and white tones, the famous appears without a bra, wearing only a leather jacket.

In poses, she appears covering her breasts with her hand, lavishing beauty and style. In addition, Mariana did not skimp on sensuality and stirred the bold imagination of internet users on duty. In the comments, the brunette won several compliments and affectionate messages.

“Very sexy and beautiful,” said one follower. “You are a stunning woman,” said one young man. “Rivers of beauty and elegance”, highlighted another admirer. “A true spectacle of beauty and sensuality”, extolled an internet user. “Too beautiful”, praised another fan of Mariana Rios.

Message about wishes

In the caption of the post, Mariana Rios took the opportunity to share an inspiring text of her own. In the message, the famous mentions things that are not so important to her and exposes her main desires.

Check out the full post:

“I don’t care where you come from. What I want to know is if there is truth in your heart. I don’t care how old you are. I want to know if during the walk you walked your own path or were led by someone else that they created for you. And how deep you’ve been in your pains, loves, moments until this day. I don’t care how much in the bank you have. I want to know if you are sensitive to inequality in the world.”started.

“I don’t care if you don’t share your problems. I want to know if you reveal them to yourself. I don’t care about your past. I want to know if you really learned and evolved, thus awakening to the future. I don’t care who your family is. I want to know if there is family inside you. I don’t care about your wishes. I want to know if you are faithful to them. I don’t care if you cheated. I want to know how loyal you were. I don’t care who you are to others. I want to know if I’m the same for you as you are for me. Desire.”finished.

Mariana Rios’ text was also highly praised by the presenter’s fans and admirers.. “Many will not read the text. What a beautiful text, just like the person”, said a follower. “I loved this message, you rock everything Mari”, said an internet user. “Beautiful photos and beautiful message,” said another fan.

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