Mariana Ximenes celebrates the return of the soap opera A Favorita

THE Globe announced this week the return of the soap opera The favorite, a plot that was very successful in 2008 at the broadcaster’s prime time. The leaflet will replace The clone at the Worth seeing again from the middle of this month. On social media, the actress Mariana Ximeneswho played the character Lara, published photos of the plot and celebrated the return of the story of João Emanuel Carneiro.

From the 16th of May, A Favorita will be back at Vale a Pena Ver de Novo! Who will follow Lara’s saga and so many amazing characters along with me? I loved helping to tell this story so strong. It was a very striking character in my career and a job that I gained bonds of friendship for my entire life! I’m just joy!”, she celebrated, who received support from fans.

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Celebrities talk about The Favorite

Last year, when A Favorita premiered on GloboPlayactresses Mariana Ximenes and Claudia Raia granted an interview to the G1 portal to talk about the return of history. At the time, Mariana revealed that she even slept at her co-star’s house on several occasions.

The time we had at night was for decorating. I remember there was a day when I left the studio like 11pm, but at 6am I had to be back. I slept at Ana Maria Braga’s house. I called asking, ‘Ana, can I sleep in her bed?’”, said Raia.

The construction

At another point, Mariana Ximenes comments that Lara’s construction was complicated, as she was torn between two mothers. “It brought up the issues of validation of love, of maternal affection, of upbringing, so I had to work a lot with anger“, said the actress.

“I would take a thick, giant foam and ask the stagehand to hold it. Before entering the scene I punched a lot and went into another temperature. It’s an actress’ work that challenges you, provokes you. You have to open several drawers inside you and investigate ‘where’s your anger? where is your madness? This is our chance to play out this feeling that we usually don’t put out or investigate inside of us”, he explained.

Finally, she talked about the friendships she made on the recordings. “Many times I wasn’t on the recording, but I was just watching these two. Gloria Menezes, Murilo Benício, Ary Fontoura, Mauro Mendonça was just in the wings, watching these monsters to learn“, he finished.

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