marijuana and cigarette

Although the marijuana cultivation for recreational use is prohibited, its consumption is allowed in case of diseases such as epilepsy or rheumatoid pain, Despite this, Chile is the third country in the world that consumes it the most, not to mention the cigar.

Marijuana and cigarettes (tobacco): Which produces greater health risks?

According to a study published by the radiology magazine (via Qué Pasa La Tercera), cannabis produces more lung damage than tobacco.

And is that researchers suggest that smoking marijuana it would be much more harmful than people think

The University of Ottawa and the Ottawa Hospital, compared the chest radiographs of 56 cannabis smokers. also of 57 non-smokers and 33 tobacco smokers between 2005 and 2020.

As for the result, they found that emphysema was more common in marijuana smokers. than in those who did not smoke at all. And also more common in marijuana smokers who had 50 years of age or older than among those who only smoked cigarettes.

These scans showed that 75 percent of marijuana smokers they had emphysema. Just under 70 percent of tobacco smokers who had emphysema, while the 5 percent of nonsmokers had it.

Human lung with cancer – Getty Images

How Paraseptal Emphysema Damages the Lungs

On the other hand, they found that paraseptal emphysema, a subtype of the disease that affects outer areas of the lung was more common in marijuana smokers compared to those who they only smoked tobacco. This is regardless of age.

It should be explained that, according to mediumthe paraseptal emphysema is a disease of the alveoli (small air sacs) of the lungs. And when these inflate abnormally, they they damage its walls and make breathing difficult.

Meanwhile, it was also found that there were more cases of airway inflammation among marijuana smokers in compared to people who only smoked cigarettes or did not smoke.

“Marijuana smoking is on the rise and there is a perception that marijuana is safe, or that It’s safer than cigarettes.” told AFP, Giselle Revah, cardiothoracic radiologist at Ottawa Hospital. “But this study raises fears that this is not true,” she added.

marijuana and cigarette
Doctor removing a lung with lung cancer in Poland (1996) – Getty Images

The way in which both are consumed vary

However, doctors take into account several reasons why marijuana might cause more lung damage than cigarettes. Which is due to how both substances are consumed.

Although marijuana is smoked without a filter, unlike the cigarette, both are inhaled. And since there is no filter, the particles they reach the respiratory tract faster, being deposited there and irritating.

Meanwhile, the consumption form corresponds to puffs of smoke According to the specialist, in the case of marijuana, are larger than in the traditional cigar.

“People usually take bigger puffs and retain smoke in the lungs longer for marijuana, which can cause more trauma in those air spaces”. He added the professional.

Despite the completion of this study, its limitations make it difficult to directly compare the risks of tobacco and marijuana. Also, there is little research on the effects of cannabis, because it is Banned in most countries.

Although this study raises alarm bells what it could be and suggest that marijuana It is not exempt from provoking health risks.

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