Marília Mendonça's mother regrets 1st Mother's Day without the singer

Six months ago, Brazil said goodbye to the singer Marília Mendonça after a terrible plane crash. Now, Ruth Diasmother of the eternal queen of suffering, will face the first Mothers Day without the presence of the daughter. In an interview with Caras magazine, Ruth spoke about motherhood.

It was the greatest emotion I felt in my entire life.. Every time I looked at my children’s faces at birth, it was the best thing I’ve ever felt. And when I saw Leo’s face too, that gave continuity,” she said.

At another point, she commented that she was not a perfect mother, but always tried to do her best for her children. “As a mother, maybe I had some flaws, because we can’t be 100% perfect.. But I loved it and I love it a lot… I always gave a lot in this role of mother”, continued Dias.

Mother’s Day without Marília

At another point, Ruth Dias talks about the strength to face the date for the first time without Marília Mendonça. “I can’t talk about this strength without talking about God in my life. Because it is from him that I seek this strength. It’s my first Mother’s Day without her, memories will come, but it won’t stop being a happy day with the mothers I honor”, ​​he said.

“Because there’s Leo’s grandma from there [parte de pai]there’s my mother-in-law, there’s my pastor, there are many warrior mothers that I want to honor on that day… And with the memories of her, who was always a good daughter, a good mother. It’s my first Mother’s Day without her, but I’m here in the strength that I seek from God every day”, he said.

Message for other mothers

At another time, Ruth Dias made a point of leaving a message for other mothers who also lost their children. “In these difficult times of a pandemic, many mothers have lost children, many children have lost mothers and we lost loved ones,” he said.

“There are many mothers without their children this Mother’s Day, but we need to stay strong because everything is God, who chooses which way it will be. We can continue in life, working, occupying our minds, and using pain in a way to benefit… Either you embrace the pain and you will get sick, lose your peace, or you will strengthen yourself in God and move on with life”, he concluded.

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