Actress Marilu Bueno died this Wednesday, 22, after being hospitalized in a serious condition at Hospital Miguel Couto, in Rio de Janeiro, according to G1. The official cause of death has not yet been released. During her career, she acted in more than 50 teledramaturgy productions, between soap operas and also in films.

O Bofe (1972) – Marilu Bueno novels

Marilu Bueno’s first role in soap operas was in 1972, when she debuted in Rede Globo’s soap opera O Bofe.

She played the character Margot – the role opened doors for her to work on other serials on the network in the following years and become one of the channel’s great actresses.

In the following years, he acted in O Noviço (1975), Estúpido Cupido (1976) and in Sem Lenço, sem Documento (1977).

Marilu bueno in o bofe (1972) – photo: rede globo

War of the Sexes (1983 and 2012)

Marilu had a prominent role in both versions of Guerra dos Sexos, in 1983 and 2012. She played the housekeeper Olívia, who worked in the mansion of Charlô (Fernanda Montenegro) and Otávio (Paulo Autran) and did not know how to act with the bosses. .

Otávio did not show any kind of cordiality with the employee, unlike Charlô – throughout the plot, the two become allies.

In 2012, the protagonists were played by Tony Ramos and Irene Ravache.

Marilu bueno in the second version of the war of the sexes – photo: rede globo

A Gata Comeu (1985) – Marilu Bueno novels

In 1985, Marilu Bueno stood out for playing the comic Tetê in A Gata Comeu, a very successful soap opera by Globo.

The actress conquered the novelist audience alongside actor Cláudio Corrêa e Castro, her romantic partner in the serial. They formed the couple Gugu and Tetê, and the woman treated her husband like a child, which made him angry. Throughout the soap opera, the woman becomes pregnant with twins and begins to have bizarre cravings, which her husband must satisfy – among the spices, there were turtle eggs, Uruguayan churros and radish with brown sugar.

the cat
Cláudio corrêa e castro and marilu bueno in a gata comeu – photo: rede globo

Crystal Moon (1990)

Marilu was also in the cinema. In 1990, she participated in the film Lua de Cristal, starring Xuxa Meneghel.

The actress plays Tia Zuleika, a woman who hosts Maria da Graça in her house when she decides to move to the big city to take singing lessons. There, her cousins ​​Lidinha and Mauricinho make the protagonist work as a slave.

Marilu Bueno as Aunt Zuleika in Crystal Moon – photo: reproduction/xuxa productions

Talent Hunt (1996)

In 1996, Marilu participated in the children’s series presented by Angélica. She played the Fairy Daisy, one of the show’s lead roles. The attraction was on the air for two years, between 1996 and 1998 on the mornings of Globo.

In the following years, she continued working in soap operas of the station. Brava Gente (2001), Coração de Estudante (2002), Kubanacan (2003) and Da Cor do Pecado (2004) are some of the titles.

The Daisy Fairy in a talent scout – photo: Rede Globo

Bicho do Mato (2006) and Flames of Life (2008)

The actress also acted in two soap operas on Record. In 2006, the actress went to Edir Macedo’s station to play Tia Zulmira, or Zuzu, in Bicho do Mato. In the plot, she was the sister of the character played by actress Beatriz Segall.

In 2008, Marilu acted in another Record soap opera, Chamas da Vida, as Tia Catarina, sister and resident of Vó Tuquinha’s pension (Íris Bruzzi).

flames 1
The character aunt catarina in flames of life – photo: record

Alto Astral (2014) – Marilu Bueno novels

Marilu was invited by the soap opera author Daniel Ortiz to be part of the cast of the soap opera Alto Astral. She played the character Marieta, Mother of Samantha (Claudia Raia), Suzana (Adriana Prado), César (Alejandro Claveaux) and Kitty (Maitê Proença).

Owner of Clube Lagoas, she meets Vicente (Otávio Augusto) at a dance and the two start dating.

Marilu in the telenovela alto astral – photo: rede globo

Save Yourself Who Can (2020)

Her last participation in soap operas was in 2020, when she was again invited by Daniel Ortiz to be part of the cast of Salve-se Quem Puder, Globo’s seven-hour soap opera.

This was the last time the actress appeared on television – at the time, she was already 80 years old.

save yourself
Marilu bueno in save yourself who can – photo: rede globo

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