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Mario Barth became known for jokes about his girlfriend. But who is the woman that the comedian keeps railing against? And why does he keep her away from the public even after years of relationship?

The Germans go to the basement to laugh? That was once – now the willing German citizen prefers to go to performances by comedy stars Mario Bart, to let the joker on duty train his funny muscles. With his own TV show “Welcome to Mario Barth”, the native of Berlin is at least as successful as with his stage programs, with which the comedian has been performing on stages in Germany for many years.

Jokes about his girlfriend: Mario Barth sets a world record

However, Barth attracted attention with another piece of news: During his performances in the Berlin Olympic Stadium on June 7th and 8th, 2014, almost 120,000 people gathered to listen to the comedian. The “Guinness Book of Records” recorded a new record in the category “Live comedian with the most viewers”, which Barth has led since 2008. He has also been a popular face on RTL for years. In his program “Mario Barth reveals” he shows his more serious side and uncovers rip-offs. He is just as successful with it as with his comedy shows.

One reason for the comedian’s success is undoubtedly the stories and anecdotes about his girlfriend, with which Barth keeps making fans and viewers laugh. On the one hand there is the story of the car in the street lamp or the memory of the first dinner at her place when Barth suddenly had to go to the toilet and then couldn’t get rid of the smell.

Mario Barth private: Who is his girlfriend from the sketch programs?

But who is actually Mario Barth’s girlfriend – the woman all these stories are about? As “” reports, not much is known about them. Her name is Paula and she works as a marketing specialist. Everything else remains hidden despite Barth’s overwhelming level of popularity, because: “The world record comedian is his private life holy” and as he himself explained to “Bild”: “Paula shys away from the public and I respect that. I wouldn’t force her to ride a roller coaster with me either if she didn’t feel like it.”

His girlfriend Paula remains a “phantom” – that’s okay for Mario Barth

“She will continue to be a phantom. I won’t show her because she doesn’t want to. And because I love her beyond measure and there is no one better, I accept that too,” said Mario Barth in an interview with ” Super Illu” about his girlfriend Paula, with whom he has been together for more than ten years. Despite the high level of interest, perhaps one should also be grateful for the couple’s secrecy. After all, a certain pinch of imagination is always required for a joke to really work.

So far, only his friend Paula has had to put up with his jokes, because Mario Barth and his sweetheart have not yet put their family planning into practice. Nothing is known about a wedding either – but what is not, can still come.

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