Married at first sight: Laure, candidate for season 5, knocks out the production of the show

On her Instagram account, Monday June 20, 2022, Laure spoke and answered questions from subscribers. Against all odds, the one who found love in Married at first sight does not advise her fans to try the experience.

Laure surprised her subscribers Monday, June 20, 2022. As she answered questions from her many subscribers, the one who found love in Married at first sight did not encourage those looking for love to participate in the program broadcast on M6. “As much as last year, I would have advised her with my eyes closed, as much now, I have some reservations“, she launched at first before saying a little more about the bottom of her thought. “I find it difficult to understand and follow everything this year. I find that there is a lot of hatred and too much…“, she admitted again.

On social networks, this year, the candidates of season 6 are regularly lynched. This is why Laure prefers to warn her subscribers: you have to be well supported and well prepared to take all the criticism. “Prepare now for anything“, she confided again. But Laure also went further and attacked the production of Married at first sight. She regrets that no one takes news of her and that of her husband.

Laure of Married at first sight is disappointed by the production

Overnight, production doesn’t even bother to check in… When we confided in them so much, we gave it our all and boom. You really feel the TV / ‘number’ side. We lose a little the human side“, added the young mother. Despite everything, she does not forget that it is thanks to the show thatshe met Matthew and that together they gave birth to their little Lya, the apple of their eye.

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