Marvel has prevented a close catastrophe, now comes the second attempt with the MCU's most brutal hero

Upcoming MCU movies for Phase 5 also included a Blade reboot starring Mahershala Ali. The character was briefly teased in an end credits scene from Eternals, where the voice of the star could be heard from the off. Of the planned reboot of the most brutal MCU hero however, faltered in the end.

In October, it was announced that Blade production had been put on hold after intended director Bassam Tariq left and that Screenplay too short and half-baked should have been. But now there is good news about the Marvel project.

Check out the trailer for the first Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes here:

Blade – Trailer 4K (English) HD


Marvel’s Blade reboot has found a new director

As deadline reported, Yann Demange has been signed as Marvel’s new Blade director. The Brit directed films like that intense action thriller 71 – Behind enemy lines surrounding the Northern Ireland conflict and was involved in producing and directing the HBO series Lovecraft Country.

In addition, Michael Starrbury has been hired as the new screenwriter for Marvel’s Blade film. Among other things, he worked on the Netflix series When They See Us. The new team should keep the sombre blade tone and deliver an unusually tough MCU film.

So far, nothing has changed in terms of the theatrical release. Shooting for Blade with Mahershala Ali is scheduled to start in early 2023 and the German start has been set for the September 4, 2024 fixed.

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What do you expect from the new Blade movie?

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