Marvel star reboots one of the best action movies of all time: master director directs, but can he top the most famous scene?

Steven Spielberg is currently on his way to the Oscars with his new film The Fabelmans, and the master director’s next project is already on the horizon. After a very personal look at his own (cinema) past, Spielberg devotes himself to one of the greatest Action cinema legends: Frank Bullitt.

The character was made famous by the 1968 action film Bullitt, which was based on the crime novel Police Department 52, New York (originally Mute Witness) by Robert L. Pike. Back then, Steve McQueen embodied the tough cop who drove his car through the streets of San Francisco.

Marvel star Bradley Cooper becomes Frank Bullitt for Steven Spielberg

As deadline reports, the star of Spielberg’s Bullitt film has now been chosen: Bradley Cooper takes on the iconic role. The two have been developing the project for two years. Only now have the contracts been signed. According to Deadline sources, it is not a direct remake of the classic.

Watch the trailer for Steve McQueen’s Bullitt here:

Bullitt – Trailer (English)


The Bullitt from Spielberg and Cooper is supposed to have its own idea, but it will still have to be measured against the original in many respects. Especially in terms of action: McQueen’s Bullitt comes up with one grandiose chase that rightfully found its place in Hollywood history books.

However, with a talented name like Spielberg in the director’s chair, there is little doubt that the film is doomed. Only last year he demonstrated very impressively that he is a masterpiece can be brilliantly reissued: His version of West Side Story is in no way inferior to the 1961 musical classic.

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Can you imagine Bradley Cooper as Frank Bullitt?

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