Matheus Lisboa reveals details of his affair with ex-BBB Jessilane

New couple? Last Monday (13th), Matheus Lisbonof BBB 2016was caught kissing with Jessilane Alvesfrom BBB 2022, at the singer’s birthday party simaria, in Sao Paulo. The information was initially reported by columnist Fefito, from Splash UOL.

At the time, the journalist said that they talked and danced a lot throughout the party. At a given moment, kissed on the dance floor in front of Jessi’s momwho accompanied her to the event.

This Wednesday (15th), Matheus confirmed his stay with Jessi and also revealed some details of the meeting with the ex-BBB. According to him, the two already knew each other from another event that took place in May, also in São Paulo.

“We met at a festival once, Nomad [que aconteceu em São Paulo dia 14 de maio]. Then at the party we caught each other.”he declared in a conversation with journalist Lucas Pasin, from UOL.

When asked if the novel has a future, the boy didn’t give many details, but made a point of praising Jessilane: “I don’t even know about it, see! I think she’s too much. I love her energy.”said Matheus Lisboa.

Jessilane’s love life

Despite having exchanged kisses with Matheus Lisboa this week, recently, Jessilane opened up about her love life and said she was “abandoned”.

“Single is a weak word. I am abandoned. You are not understanding. The business here is not pretty, guys. It’s ugly”she joked, referring to Valentine’s Day, celebrated last Sunday (12): “Valentine’s Day today and I’m like this”added in the post.

Projects after the BBB

During a recent participation in the PodDelas podcast, Jessilane Alves explained that she decided to take a break from her career as a teacherbecause of the jobs and opportunities he has been receiving after participating in BBB 2022. However, she has plans to resume her profession.

“I’ve always said that the teacher talks a lot about teaching for love. Because in fact the salary we receive does not pay for what we do. It’s not just getting out there and giving the content. There is the pedagogical part, the relationship with the student, which often goes beyond the walls of the school, so that’s why we said ‘teaching for love’.she said. “I want to get to a point in my life where I say, ‘Okay, now I’m going to teach for love, not because I need to support myself with this money’”he explained.

Jessilane says that when she manages to stabilize herself financially, will return to teaching, as this is his great passion.

“I want to take advantage of this moment I’m in now, I’ve become a public person… I’m going to take advantage of this publicity I gained in the post-program to do other things and acquire my financial stability so that I can go back to teaching literally and only for love. I love teaching”he said.

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