Santo Domingo.- Despite the high wave of criminal acts that is currently being experienced at the national level, the Santo Domingo Este Municipal Council (ASDE) affirmed this Wednesday that crime in the municipality has decreased by 30%, therefore that the mayor Manuel Jiménez valued it as one of the aspects in which more progress has been made.

During the Weekly Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group, Jimenez He stressed that this progress in security is due to the coordination of the Municipal Police together with the National Police (PN).

He even revealed that the police are implementing a system to locate the points of danger and thus know the number of crimes that are committed in the demarcations that make up Santo Domingo Este.

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Mayor Manuel Jiménez during the Weekly Lunch of the Corripio Communications Group. Photo by: Jorge González / El Nacional

However, he admitted that it is not easy to change the perception of the municipes in terms of security. “To change the perception you have to establish and consolidate so that people have confidence, which is gradually improving. If security improves, perception will improve,” said the mayor.

In another area, the also lawyer and politician recognized that relative to vehicular traffic in the municipality it is the least progress has been made, adjudicating it to the fact that the city council lacks autonomy in the organization of traffic, thus depending on the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (INTRANT), defining the relationship in common as “complicated” in the communication of specific problems of Santo Domingo Este.

It is worth mentioning that the activity was also attended by the director of community development, Ángela Tejada, the director of engineering and works, Héctor Garibaldi González, the director of communications, Jhonathan Liriano and the general secretary, Jehimy Núñez.

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