MC Mirella wears a dress with a slit on the edge and provokes the web: “No words”

The singer MC Mirella raised the temperature of Instagram by sharing yet another sensual record on his profile. The artist appeared all stunning and gained more than 300,000 likes from her followers.

In the image in question, which was taken before her birthday party, the artist appeared wearing a black dress with a slit at the edge. Sporting her tattoo on her thigh, the famous almost let her private part escape.

“People still speechless for this night… 🖤🔥”, wrote the artist in the caption of the post, completing with the hashtag “Mafia Da Bad”, the name she gave to her special event.

Among the comments, the fans of the ex-Fazenda did not save in the praise and greatly exalted her beauty. “it was very wonderful ❤️”, wrote an admirer of the funkeira. “What a perfection“, reacted one netizen. “Pretty woman, beautiful kitty”, said another.

Mirella was shocked by the case in São Paulo

Recently, MC Mirella appeared full of revolt on social media. This happened after she went through an embarrassing episode in São Paulo. At the time, the famous said that she was mistaken as an adult film actress when trying to rent a property.

Upset with the situation, Mirella, who usually makes sensual posts on her social networks, said she was not bothered by the label. She confessed that what bothered her was the disrespect committed by the person in charge of the property she wanted to rent.

“I went to rent a house and the guy drove me crazy. I hope he gives my money back because I rented it and gave up going. People jump to conclusions from what they see on the internet and what they hear from others and they don’t have the slightest notion, sense and education. He took a lot from me, I rented the house, paid for it, everything was fine and he came to make a request that you have no idea about. He took me from being a porn star, he thought I was going to use his house to make porn videos”she blurted out.

“Those who follow my content know what it’s like, and those who work with erotic films shouldn’t suffer this kind of prejudice either. If you put the business there for rent, you have the right not to want some things, but know how to approach the person, don’t be invasive and inelegant like it was with me. If you have any questions, just ask, but the way it went and how it went, I was very upset”said.

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