Meet the super hero of each sign!

If you like the creative universe of Super heroes, must have realized that each of them represents, even if unconsciously, the energy of one of the zodiac signs. With the aim of clarifying how the astrological personalities manifest in the multiverse, we’ve rounded up cinema’s greatest heroes to discover which traits fit them into each sign. Check it out now:

Aries – Hulk

This super hero is always with the feelings in evidence making him impulsive. Its intensity, suits the energy ariana, since the natives of the sign are a little quarrelsome!

Taurus – Spiderman

One of the main traits of Taurus is the stubbornness! In all Spider-Man movies he demonstrates this, especially when he doesn’t follow to the letter what Tony Stark, his leader, sends!

Gemini – Star-Lord

This hero represents well the ability to adaptation and resilience of Gemini natives. During the storylines, Peter Quill takes creative risks.

Cancer – Superman

Like Cancerians, this hero is strong, but there’s no denying that he also has a sensitive side and that can get in the way of the missions! Superman is a prime example of power and delicacy.

Lion – Iron Man

Particularly, Iron Man is one of the most enveloping of the multiverse. Like the natives of Leo, he lavishes self confidence and generosity.

Virgo – Captain America

All the practicality and methodism of this character, give Captain America the rank of Virgo. The hero, leader of the Avengers, is quite perfectionist and inspires the entire team.

Libra – Doctor Strange

And the kindest Libra trophy, elegant and polite of the multiverse goes to: Doctor Strange!

Scorpio – Batman

We can admit that the hero most mysterious of the multiverse is Batman! Like Scorpio natives, he is obstinate and somewhat vindictive.

Sagittarius – Deadpool

Also couldn’t miss the greatest anti hero ever seen on this list! Deadpool has a shape relaxed to deal with challenges, just like the natives of the Sagittarius sign.

Capricorn – Black Widow

This character is as cold as the natives of Capricorn. In addition, it is extremely dedicated to job and prefers to act alone.

Aquarius – Scarlet Witch

Heroin is an example of the search for independence! In addition, it is rebellious and loyal, just like the natives of Aquarius.

Pisces – Vision

This member of the Avengers has a very different personality from the one we are accustomed when we think of a hero. Vision spends most of its time having to integrate partners and has a very emotional approach.

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