Prince Harry of Wales has married Meghan Markle.  (Photo)

They were the brightest stars in the British royal family, but since Megxit, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have steadily gone downhill. Royals experts are certain: the former glamor couple has been abandoned to insignificance.

How much longer can Meghan Markle and Prince Harry stay in the royal spotlight?
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As Prince Harry’s engagement to Megan Markle became public in November 2017, the British royal family seemed to have won a new dream couple with high-gloss qualities: The royals-Fans were over the moon when the US actress was revealed as the future wife of Prince Charles’ younger son. A touch of Hollywood in the royal family, just like it used to be Grace Kelly as Princess Grace in the Principality of Monaco had brought, that’s what the Royals fans dreamed of – but the supposed fairy tale ended in a shambles.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: From the royal superstar to the nasty duo

Instead of giving the royals an extra portion of glamor, negative headlines about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were soon the order of the day – there was talk of disputes with Prince William and his wife Duchess Kate, bullying attacks on palace employees and other ugly details that were easy did not want to fit into the fairytale image of a royal family. The big bang came in early 2020 when Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their separation from royal family, left royal duties behind and emigrated to North America.

Meghan Markle’s plan went awry: That’s why insignificance is her destiny

What Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry imagined at the time was a life in the midst of Hollywood chic with lucrative contracts with entertainment giants like Netflix or Spotify, who let the royal household budget ring. But the couple had reckoned without the host: Without the permanent connection to the royal family, which Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry themselves overtaxed with scandalous interviews and hateful accusations, the Sussexes were more and more swimming away. Now Harry and Meghan have reached a point where their royal splendor can no longer be saved – at least according to nobility expert Robert Hardman.

Royals expert reveals that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will soon be missing for success

According to the British “Daily Star”, the Royals connoisseur explained how Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry themselves built their way to a successful life as royal entrepreneurs. “Their brand is based on their status as royals and their ties to royalty, even though they may claim otherwise,” Robert Hardman said about Harry and Meghan.

Royals fans crave gossip – but Prince Harry is running out of anecdotes

What makes the couple interesting to the public are the royal stories that Prince Harry unpacks – details about his charity projects, on the other hand, are rather boring. But at some point, Hardman predicted, all royal secrets will be unpacked, which will result in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle inevitably descending into insignificance: “Over time, like the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, they will become slow off the top of the news columns.” This is what Robert Hardman was referring to to the abdicated King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpsonwho, like Harry and Meghan, turned their backs on royalty.

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