Ex-Fazenda, Liziane Gutierrez reveals millionaire spending on plastic surgery

Mayan honey became the target of Sensitive Lene, known for predicting events in the lives of celebrities. This time, it was no different: the spiritualist said that the actress could have her first child in 2023.

As soon as she discovered the news, Mel used her social networks to talk to her followers. Worried about the possibility of becoming a mother, the young woman announced an attitude last Tuesday night (23), through her Instagram Stories.



Maia said she had an IUD (Intra Uterine Device), a type of contraceptive. “Guys, I put the IUD. I had been thinking about it for some time, but when Lene Sensitiva sent me a message, guys, that’s when I really decided to put it on”, explained the young woman.

In the Instagram feed, Lene reposted Mel’s video, indicating that the girl will have a child even with an IUD. “Diumaia comes”, shot the sensitive, moving netizens.

Mel Maia talks about her love life

In September, Mel Maia vented about her love life with her followers. In an interview with Lucas Pasin, columnist for UOL Splash, the young woman exposed her personal feelings and regretted being single.

“I’m single. I didn’t want to be single, but I am. I wanted to date, I’m more into the dating vibe. But I’m young, my mom says that too. It’s good to enjoy being single, when the time is right I’m going to have a boyfriend”, she vented.

Still, Mel revealed which type of man she likes most when flirting: “Now I care more about the way I am treated. So, to kiss on the mouth now I need to exchange a lot of ideas with the person. it was the time of: I looked, I felt attracted, I’m going to kiss”.

In the interview, the young woman also countered messages about her body. “I try not to read the nasty comments about my body, my person. I like my body, I take very good care of my body and I think it has to be free ”, she shot at the time.

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Stayed with ex-BBB

Maia already stayed with an ex-BBB and surprised fans with a personal and loving revelation. At the age of 18, she confessed to having had a romance with Arthur Picoli, a former participant in the 21st edition of the reality show and beloved by many viewers of the program. In conversation with Quem, the boy spoke of the girl:

“Mel Maia is a very cool and mature girl for her age. She is a person who has always had great empathy for me. When I went through a moment of cancellation, she was the one who gave me the most support. This is very rare to find in our midst. So, there is no way not to be grateful”.

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