Rain Stars Eta Aquarids

This first semester of 2022 has been full of astronomical phenomena that we have been able to capture from Chile, and in the month of May, this will not be the exception. This because every year the masterful meteor shower Eta Aquarids is produced.

When can the Eta Aquarids meteor shower be seen from Chile?

The Eta Aquarid Meteor Shower occurs every year in May and it can be appreciated in a very good way in the countries of the southern hemisphere. Like in our country.

The astronomical phenomenon will be the first of two annual rains that occur due to Halley’s comet fragments. Which visit us every 76 years and that during its passage through the inner solar system, it leaves a trail of tiny ice grains and rocks, which burn when entering the atmosphere.

When this comet orbits in the opposite direction of the movements of the planets, the Earth brushes against its wake twice in a year. In May and October.

Meanwhile, the second rain is from Orionids and it will be possible to be observed in the next month of October.

Rain Stars Eta Aquarids

According to the information provided by NASA, at the peak of the Eta Aquarid meteor shower, it will be possible to see up to 30 meteors per hour sailing on the celestial sphere.

In addition, indicate They are distinguished by their speed. This because They travel at approximately 66 kilometers per second. and leave halos and streaks behind, which can last a few minutes.

To see this astronomical event in the best way, it is recommended be somewhere away from city lights. In addition, not it is necessary to use any special instrument such as binoculars or telescopes.

It should be noted that the Eta Aquarid meteor shower is so named because They are located within the constellation of Aquarius. This very close to the star Eta Aquarii.

According to experts, the best date to see it will be between the night of Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May. However, these meteorites have been appearing in the sky from Tuesday April 19and they will stop appearing Saturday May 28.

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