Millions of grants to be awarded, new RTR leadership wanted

There is a backlog in domestic media politics when it comes to important decisions. The biggest chunk is the digital novella for the ORF, embedded in this is also the question of the future of fee financing. The coalition partners (Greens in favor, ÖVP against) are at odds on the subject of household levies.

Media Minister Susanne Raab (ÖVP) also has a decision to make in the area of ​​funding, which is not so visible but also costs millions, and that is a personnel one. The management of RTR-GmbH was re-advertised in March because the previous managing director, Oliver Stribl, moved to Wien Holding. According to the schedule, the job would have to be advertised again this year after five years anyway, but due to Stribl’s departure the Rundfunk- und Telekom Regula- tion GmbH currently only has interim management with Roland Neustädter in the media sector.

New multi-million dollar fund

This year, the new fund to promote digital transformation is to be awarded for the first time. At the start, a whopping 54 million euros will be distributed, in the following years the annual budget will be 20 million euros. The window for submitting online projects is open until August 22nd. The responsible advisory board has not yet been constituted.

RTR has already given 20 million euros per year to commercial private broadcasters and 3 million to non-commercial broadcasters. The latter budget has just been increased to 5 million. The television fund is important for the film industry with an annual amount of 13.5 million euros. Valorisation has been demanded for years because more and more film and series projects are being submitted.

A hearing took place in the ministry on Tuesday. The head of the hearing commission is Albert Posch, head of the constitutional service. One looks in vain for promising names. Silence is being maintained about the applicants, but the ministry is aiming for a “timely decision”.

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