Moderator Alfons Haider reveals: "I wanted to be pope"

Things are also going in the right direction with his general directorship in Burgenland for the Mörbisch Lake Festival and the Summer Festival at Tabor Castle – advance ticket sales for the Mörbisch production “Mamma Mia!” next summer are “gigantic”.

But Haider won’t be on stage for a long time, because “I just wouldn’t find it appetizing if the director immediately cast himself. I think I should do what I’m very good at: catching people, picking them up, having imagination and using good people and that’s work enough at the moment.”

Fendrich as a partner of choice

Although he would make an exception, if he Rainhard Fendrich could persuade him to play “La Cage aux Folles” with him – Haider as Zaza and Fendrich as his husband Georges.

Until then, however, quite a bit of water will flow into Lake Neusiedl and Haider is already fully occupied with other projects anyway. In 2023 he will also get a new musical show on ORF, which will be broadcast four times a year. “It’s supposed to be a 60 minute format and will specifically highlight a musical that’s insanely popular in Austria. I assume the first episode will be ‘Elisabeth,'” he says.

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