Monica Iozzi revolts with Bolsonaro and tears the verb: “Instead of working”

Outraged, the actress Monica Iozzi used social media to vent about the death of Bruno Pereira and Bishop Phillips in the last few days. However, when talking about the subject, she did not shut up and put an end to the attitudes of Bolsonaro in the midst of the event.

“I’m terribly sorry! I am so sad, so outraged… Brazil is the fourth most dangerous country in the world for environmentalists! We are second only to Colombia, Mexico and the Philippines. In the year 2021 alone, 20 people were killed for defending the environment in our country,” the actress said.

In the post, with a photo of the two victims, she still said that the current president should work, instead of making absurd statements.

“Our president, instead of working to stop this type of violence from happening, said the following about the disappearance of Bruno and Dom: ‘Just two people, in a region like that, completely wild, is an adventure that it is not recommended that do. Anything could happen. It could be an accident, it could be that they were executed,” he admitted.

When finished, she showed empathy for Bruno and Dom’s friends and family. “In other words, for our president it is better that no one even tries to investigate drug trafficking, illegal mining and deforestation that take place in the Amazon. Leave the good guys there ‘working’. If you try to do something, it is at your own risk. All my condolences to your families and friends. They can kill people, but not their ideas,” he argued.

toxic relationship

Speaking of Monica Iozzi, last year she participated in the podcast ‘Prazer, Renata’ and vented about an abusive relationship she experienced when she was much younger. According to her, she only stopped to reflect that she was in something toxic after a long time.

“I only started thinking about getting out and asking for help when I was physically attacked. Until I was attacked, I thought it was proof of love. I only started to connect when he actually laid his hand on my face. There I realized that the hole was further down, and I think that is what many women suffer, especially when you are young, or when you have children with this person, or when you have a financial dependence”, highlighted the presenter. is actress.

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