Monica Martelli honors Paulo Gustavo 1 year after death

The actress Monica Martelli used his Instagram account to pay a beautiful tribute to the actor Paulo Gustavo, your great friend. The death of the famous completes one year this Wednesday (4) and several artists are demonstrating on the web.

May 4th. A year without you, a year without your joy. A year without hearing your voice every day. A year without making plans and projects with you. A year without hearing your opinions about my life. A year without late-night gossip,” wrote the actress.

She ends by saying that all memories will be kept. “A year without laughing at being sick. A year without a genius that life gave me the opportunity to live with. You are greatly missed my love. It is hard to understand. Life without you is not the same. But everything we live is heavily guarded. Forever,” he concluded.

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A few days after Paulo Gustavo’s death, Mônica Martelli participated in the Saia Justa program, on the GNT channel, and spoke about the lack of a friend and the vaccine, which had not yet arrived for everyone at that time.

Everyone who loved Paulo Gustavo has to ask themselves: Why don’t we have enough vaccine in Brazil? We have to ask ourselves. It wasn’t a fatality. He was a healthy man with no comorbidities. There is someone responsible for this (…) I am outraged, but what I feel the strongest is perplexity”, she said.


At another point, the actress showed indignation at having lost her friend. “When I made that sign, just two doses of a vaccine that already exists, I was outraged and I took Paulo Gustavo’s jacket in honor of him. Then I remembered a story and started to laugh (…) Then you go to pain. Then you go back to outrage,” she continued.

As soon as Paulo was intubated, they made a group of his closest friends to make a report, issue a medical report. (…) We only managed to cross this desert of pain that were these 54 days because of this group. Yesterday, we agreed that as soon as the mass was over, we would post this video charging for the vaccine. He was very afraid of dying. He said all the time that he had to be vaccinated. ‘If I take this thing, I’m going to die’, concluded the artist.

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