Mônica Martelli shows backstage of the parade about Paulo Gustavo

Monica Martelli was one of the famous gifts at Marquês de Sapucaí last weekend. She participated in the samba school parade San Clementewho paid a beautiful tribute to the actor Paulo Gustavowho died of Covid-19 last year.

On her official Instagram account, Monica showed off her look and talked about the emotion of honoring the comedian, who was a great friend of the actress. “What a thrill to be here today. This is all for you my brother, Paulo Gustavo“, he said. In one of the photos, the famous appears next to Dea Lucia, mother of Paul. More than 150,000 people liked the post.

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vented about the friend

Recently, Mônica Martelli gave an interview to Marie Claire magazine and spoke once again about Paulo Gustavo. During the chat, she said that it is still very difficult to face the loss of a friend. “I could never laugh the way I laughed with him again.. She was the funniest person I’ve met in my entire life,” she vented.

The actress also said that she thought about giving up on the sequel. My Life on Mars after the comedian’s death, but reversed the decision. “I always wrote what I lived. So I’m going to write about exactly what I’m going through: grief. It will be the story of Fernanda losing Aníbal [personagem de Paulo Gustavo]”, said the artist, who made it clear that the film will be a comedy.

another outburst

This was not the first time that Mônica Martelli spoke to Marie Claire about the loss of Paulo Gustavo. At another point, she said that she thinks about her friend every day.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about Paulo Gustavo. I had several projects with Paulo Gustavo. We wrote ‘My Life on Mars 2’, a new play and a bunch of other stuff. So, it’s a life before and a life after Paulo Gustavo. This pain has no cure, you just learn to deal with it”, he said.

Finally, the famous spoke about how she deals with grief. “In one day, I’m dancing and I think I’ve cured myself of grief. Then, the next day, I get sick again. We think these phases are linear, but they are not. I am learning to live with this impermanence”, she concluded.

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