Moon Knight's Marvel future: Season 2 or Avengers 5?

What happens after the nasty cliffhanger of Moon Knight season 1? We watched the finale of the new MCU series on Disney+ and talk about how the story goes around Oscar Isaac’s Marvel Heroes can continue in the future. There are of course some spoilers, so be warned.

The 2nd season is so far though not officially confirmed yet. However, based on the post-credits scene at the end of Moon Knight, this one definitely makes sense. Not only the return of Oscar Isaac will be exciting. May Calamawy could also play a much bigger role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Scarlet Scarab.

Podcast: When and how does Moon Knight continue?

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One of the things we discuss on the podcast is the impact the post-credits scene could have on Moon Knight Season 2. In addition, we ask ourselves whether Moon Knight as new member of the Avengers suitable. Last but not least, the series has so far been characterized by its independence.

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Here you can watch a clip from Moon Knight:

Moon Knight – S01 Clip Call the Suit (German) HD


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What are your hopes for the future of Moon Knight in the MCU?

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