More beautiful life: who will be the "ghosts" of the episode Homecoming?

While the end of the Plus belle la vie series has been confirmed, the TV movie will be entitled to a special episode, in which former emblematic actors will make their return.

While the end of More beautiful lifewas recorded by France Télévisions, fans of the soap opera will be entitled to a bonus. Indeed, as revealed The Parisianthe TV movie will be entitled to a special evening, scheduled for the month of July. The filming of the episode, baptized reunionstarted last April. Viewers will then be surprised to see iconic characters return including our colleagues from Parisian released the names.

Among the “returned”, Dounia Coesens, who played the role of Johanna Marci, Ambroise Michael, who played Rudy Torres, Aurelie Vaneckalias Ninon Chaumette, Inca HillSybil in More beautiful life or Ana Ka, who played the role of Amandine. Nice people for a very special episode which hopefully does not sign the end of More beautiful life. A threat that is in everyone’s mind, as indicated by Cécilia Hornus, alias Blanche: “We feel that the tension is rising, it’s not very cheerful all that”, she confided.

End clap

France Télévisions therefore took the decision to put an end to an adventure that began in 2004. At the time of the first information reporting the end of the soap opera, Delphine Ernotte, boss of France Télévisions, had eluded: “Discussions are continuing”, she explained in an interview with Parisian. As a reminder, on the set of TPMPone of the reasons for the possible discontinuation of PBLV had been given: “The producer of Plus belle la vie, Newen, was bought by TF1 not long ago. Doesn’t it bother France Télévisions to give a lot of money to TF1? Because 100,000 euros episode, it’s millions and millions of euros”


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