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Mosca Chiquititas in the 2022 soap opera Pantanal, Gabriel Santana makes his debut in prime time on TV Globo. The actor had worked at the station before, but started his career on the small screen on Silvio Santos’ channel, almost 10 years ago. The children’s production was what brought Santana fame among the soap operas. Interpreting Renato in the 9 pm serial, the young man arrived at the plot with the chapters that presented Tenório’s second family.

Who is Mosca Chiquititas in Globo’s soap opera Pantanal?

Mosca de Chiquititas plays Renato in the 2022 soap opera Pantanal, the middle child of Tenório and Zuleica. The boy loves his family, but has some crises in his relationship with his father. The young man lives in São Paulo, but moves to the swampland when Tenório’s second family starts to live under the same roof as Maria Bruaca and Guta.

In the original 1990 version, the boy wants to return to the Southeast at a certain point in the plot, like one of the brothers, but he doesn’t have his father’s permission. Because Tenório forbids his children to return to São Paulo, the young man ends up dealing with a tragedy in the family: the death of his youngest, Roberto. The traumatic moment is loaded with guilt, as the boy would probably be alive if he had left the swamp, as he wished.

In addition, in the plot, Renato does not accept Marcelo and Guta’s relationship well, who during many chapters, everyone believes they are half-brothers. It is only in the final stretch of the serial that it is revealed that Marcelo is not Tenório’s biological son and that only Roberto and Renato share the same blood as Maria Bruaca’s husband.

In 2022, the plot of Mosca de Chiquititas in the soap opera Pantanal will gain some changes. While in Manchete Tenório’s second family was white, in the remake, all members are black. With this, some themes about racial prejudice will be debated.

If the character’s ending is not changed in the new version, Renato’s last moments will be at the wedding party between Filó and José Leôncio, Tadeu and Zefa and Guta and Marcelo. In the work of Manchete, the boy appears at the end of the soap opera in conversation with a girl. He explains that he will continue to live in the swamp and that his mother inherited many head of cattle to take care of – after Tenório’s death.

He ends the serial dancing and flirting with the girl, who also has a wealthy father. “Both of us together have more cattle in the pasture than Zé Leôncio”, comments the boy during the scene. “You know I’m starting to like you?” says the girl. Renato then invites the girl to a river bath and she accepts: “let’s sneak out”.

Mosca Chiquititas in the soap opera Pantanal is Renato – Photo: Reproduction/Globo

Gabriel Santana’s novels

Gabriel Santana is 22 years old and debuted on the small screen in 2013, when he was Mosca in the children’s soap opera Chiquititas, on SBT. The work in the medium had started shortly before, in 2010, when Gabriel started to participate in ads for advertising agencies.

When he won the role of Mosca, the actor spent about two years in the role of the character. The production was long and had more than 500 chapters. After finishing his work on the feuilleton, the actor participated in the segment Dance se Puder (in 2016), in Programa da Eliana. The dance competition between famous young people also featured Gustavo Daneluz, Raissa Chaddad, Thomaz Costa, among others. Raissa was the big winner and took home BRL 50,000.

Afterwards, the actor participated in the series Jailers (2017) as the character Leo. Starring Rodrigo Lombardi, the Globoplay series is based on one of Dr Dráuzio Varella’s books. The following year, Gabriel Santana acted in Z4, a series on SBT in partnership with Disney Channel.

In 2019, the actor’s debut on TV Globo’s screens took place. He played Cléber Braga in Malhação – Toda Forma de Amar, the same season that launched Alanis Guillen, the Juma of the TV Globo remake. Then the actor appeared in the short Ana and now he is Renato in the remake of Pantanal.

Actor was the target of fake news in 2021

In the first half of 2021, it went viral on TikTok that Gabriel Santana would have died during a robbery in New York. The matter took the networks and the actor needed to record a video to prove that he was alive. In an exclusive to SBT’s Fofocalizando, the broadcaster that launched him, the famous informed that he was well and at home in Brazil.

Santana said she hasn’t experienced any burglaries in New York and has never actually traveled to another country. “I’m alive guys. I don’t have a house in New York, I’ve never left the country, I just wanted to make it clear that we need to be very careful with what we post on the internet”, commented the actor.

Remember moments of the actor in the soap opera Chiquititas:

Who was Renato in the 1990 version

In 1990, Renato was played by actor Ernesto Piccolo. Before becoming Renato, Ernesto had already appeared in another Manchete production and also in some TV Globo releases.

Ernesto’s debut on the small screen took place in the telenovela Jogo da Vida, on TV Globo, in 1981, nine years before Pantanal. Afterwards, he was in Eu Prometo (1983), Patriamada (1984), Um Sonho a Mais (1985), Hypertension (1986), Super Xuxa Contra o Baixo Astral (1988), Melodrama (1988), Kananga do Japão (1989) and finally in Pantanal (1990).

Today, the famous is 59 years old and continues to work. His latest TV works were Digital Victims (2019), East Wing (2019) and O Rico e o Lázaro (2017). On the theater stages, Ernesto is currently the director of O Livro dos Prazeres, a play being shown at Teatro Laura Alvim, in Ipanema.

Ernesto Piccolo
Ernesto Piccolo played Renato in 1990, a role that is now played by Mosca Chiquititas in the soap opera Pantanal 2022 – Photo: Reproduction/Manchete/Instagram/@ernestopiccolo

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