movie review too "AEIOU: The Fast Alphabet of Love": Happiness in love between teacher and student

Unequal couple: Sophie Rois as a teacher who falls in love with her student

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A teacher and her much younger student fall in love and steal wallets

from Alexandra Seibel

At the age of sixty, the actress Anna is already past her prime. The role offers are limited to radio plays. When her handbag is stolen in Berlin at night, her life takes a different direction. Because a short time later she is hired to give speech lessons to a problem student. And suddenly the pickpocket – his name is Adrian – is sitting in front of her. A strangely complicit relationship develops between student and teacher, which culminates in a trip to the Côte d’Azur.

In her cheerful story, director Nicolette Krebitz adopts the light-footed tone from cinema history, somewhere between the French Nouvelle Vague and Hitchcock’s “Over the Rooftops of Nice”. Newcomer Milan Herms as Adrian throws in all the effort to impress his older companion. And Sophie Rois lets herself be overcome by happiness in love with subliminal humor and restrained energy.

INFO: F/D 2022. 105 min. By Nicolette Krebitz. With Sophie Rois, Milan Herms.

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