Murders in Figeac: you will never guess how Stéphane Plaza trained for his role as a policeman

In the casting of the TV movie Meurtres à Figeac, broadcast on Saturday June 18, 2022, from 9:05 p.m. on France 3, Stéphane Plaza prepared for this role in a rather particular way, as he revealed to Télé Star.

Lovers of police TV movies will be in heaven on Saturday June 18, 2022. On that day, France 3 will broadcast a new unreleased episode of the collection Murders at…from 9:05 p.m.. baptized Murders in Figeacthis telefilm notably counts Stephane Plaza within its cast. Mostly known for his work as an animator on M6, the real estate agent has launched a parallel acting career for a few years. Within this fiction, he embodies the character of a policeman named Olivier. During filming, Stéphane Plaza had the opportunity to give the reply to Samira Lachhab, Patrick Descamps, Julie-Anne Roth, Muranyi Kovacs, Pierre Laplace and Nicolas Devanne.

While a wealthy landowner from Figeac has just been found mummified in the Champollion museumManon, lieutenant of the research section of Toulouse, is preparing to commemorate the memory of her husband who disappeared a year earlier, surrounded by her in-laws. But the reunion is not easy for the one who left the village the day after the tragedy : apart from his brother-in-law Olivier, also a policeman, everyone seems to blame him for his departure. During his stay, the dead pile up and Manon agrees to help Olivier track down this strange murderer: each of the crimes is mysteriously linked to ancient Egypt…“, has indicated France 3 in its press release, in order to tease the plot of Murders in Figeac.

Stéphane Plaza: “France Télévisions came to get me to play this policeman”

In an interview with the magazine TV Star, Stéphane Plaza revealed how he prepared for his role in this detective TV movie. “I spent several nights in police stations and practiced shooting. I wandered around my agency in a policeman’s uniform to get used to it. Next, I went to Figeac for a month, without a phone, without worrying about my real estate business. I wanted to stay focused and think of nothing else“, he explained. “It is an honor to have been chosen to play in this collection which is an institution. France Télévisions came to get me to play this tormented policeman, very far from me. I liked it because I’m a white clown, I have a lot of flaws. It helps me to embody more serious heroes“, also added Stéphane Plaza.

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