Murders in Paradise: Joséphine Jobert explains the end of the story between Florence and Neville

The actress, who has just left the Franco-British series again, also reveals that there may still be hope…

One month after the end of season 11 of Murders in Paradise (on France 2), fans are still struggling to recover. Florence Cassel, who returned for a handful of episodes, left the island again, leaving Inspector Neville Parker behind. The romantic tension between the two, which has accumulated from season to season, will therefore have resulted in nothing. And the actress Josephine Jobertguest of the 61st Monte-Carlo Television Festival, explains why to Première:

“I think it’s good to leave the fans with a frustration…” she smiles at our microphone before developing: “What’s good is to have this little tension… In all the series we’ve liked, that’s what holds the audience. I understand that fans are frustrated, but it’s for their own good! It brings them emotions and suspense!”

Above all, Josephine Jobert hints that their story may not be completely over. She tells us not to rule out coming back one day to spend a head, “to say hello, why not!

And maybe that’s when Florence and Neville will have their happy ending: “These two may be meant to be together one day. But this was not the right timing. Life is all about timing, and love is also like that !”

Murders in Paradise will return for a 12 season, currently not filming.

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