Murders in Porquerolles: was the TV movie really shot in Porquerolles?

This Saturday, May 7, France 3 is broadcasting Meurtes à Porquerolles, a new program with Charlie Bruneau and François Vincentelli. Was the TV movie really shot on Pearl of the Golden Islands? We disentangle the true from the false!

At 9:10 p.m. this Saturday evening, France 3 will take us to the land of eucalyptus trees and fine sand with Meurtres à Porquerolles. The unreleased TV movie worn by Charlie Bruneau (I promise you), Francois Vincentelli (The good times) and Nicole Calfan (The truth if I lie 2 & 3) opens with the discovery of the lifeless body of a sixty-something woman at the foot of a cliff on the Alycastre beach in Porquerolles. The macabre staging evokes the Alycastre, the famous legendary dragon that gave its name to the bay. Arnaud Taillard, a child of the country, is responsible for investigating this news item as a deputy prosecutor. He receives help from Charlie Landowsk, a whimsical police commander parachuted onto the island from Seine-Saint-Denis.

A sweet scent of authenticity wafts Murders in Porquerolles. Because thehe telefilm financed at 2.3 million euros was indeed shot on the island of Porquerolles for just over a fortnight in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur to October 2021. After signing Murders in Mulhouse Two years ago in Alsace, director Delphine Lemoine set her camera in a sublime little Garden of Eden that is nicknamed “the pearl of the Golden Islands”. His television film in local colors will sublimate the fauna and flora of a small corner of paradise invaded each summer by many tourists.

The press has already given its opinion on Murders in Porquerolles

Journalists have already had the chance to see Murders in Porquerolles. TV Z saluted ” this dark and moving island camera, which relies on a quality cast. » The Parisian did not fail to notice the fine performance of Vincentelli and Bruneau, ” a tandem matching the idyllic setting “. The daily mentions a quiet story like a sea breeze with expected or heard developments, unexpected turns, and a mystery fortunately preserved until the end of the investigations. ” On the side of Teleramawe regret that Delphine Lemoine is lost in a criminal intrigue “ sewn with white thread “which finds a” tenuous interest “only” in its societal connotations “. Verdict of the spectators this evening on France 3 from 9:10 p.m.!


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