Nathalie Saint-Cricq reveals her handsome salary to France Télévisions

Nathalie Saint-Cricq revealed in the Politalks podcast the amount of her salary for her work on France 2. A taboo that the journalist agreed to break without taboo.

How much does a radio or TV journalist earn? This is the question that many listeners and viewers ask themselves. If money is a taboo subject in France, the journalist Nathalie Saint-Cricq agreed to answer it in the podcast Politalks, released Wednesday, June 22. Questioned by his colleague Benoit Chavatte about her stamp on the public service channel, France 2, she replied without taboo: “I earn 5,600 euros net”, specifying to have 35 years of seniority. In journalism, professionals holding the press card benefit from an increase in their gross salary depending on the number of years of seniority as a journalist and within the company, ranging from 5% to 20% .

How Nathalie Saint-Cricq is she paid? The journalist officiates on France Télévisions and also on France Inter. But for her interventions on public service radio, the journalist claims not to receive a penny. “For example, see, I work at France Inter for free on Sundays, she further explained. I never had bonuses. We don’t have an election night bonus, or a show”

A “ban” on talking about wages

And if she agreed to give her salary, she is aware that this is not common, especially in the public service. “The ideal would be (…) that we unravel a certain number of fantasies, that we say how much we earn, that we say that we do not even have the right to receive a bouquet of flowers or a someone’s bottle of champagne, outbids Nathalie Saint-Cricq. It is absolutely forbidden to do so, I speak in the public service. A first step for his brothers and sisters?

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